Eurocode Snow loads - General procedure

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Eurocode Snow loads
Eurocode General procedure

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Snow zone per commune in France, Snow zone in Belgium, Snow zone in UK

How to calculate snow load with the Eurocodes?

The characteristic value of sk snow load on a horizontal terrain is given in the national annexes to Eurocode 1 part 1-3.
The altitude of the place of construction has an impact on snow precipitation, the national appendices give formulas to take account of it.
Finally the snow load on the roof can be calculated by multiplying by a form factor (function of the type of roof: one or two slopes, presence of parapet, valley or higher construction, ...) and distributed in multiplying by the cosine of the angle of the roof.

Situations of persistent or transient projects

Accidental design situations

In some countries (like UK), Annex B should be used in order to determine exceptional snow drift loads on some shapes of roof.

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